After attending WAD it seems like a new begining to the life. The first day of WAD was too boring as we were not used to sit for 12 hours a day and to attend the lectures but we started enjoying the WAD as the days passed.
The first lecture was from Mr.Vilas Kale sir. He told us that it is an intellect with values that creates a man..and also attiude that keeps track of altitude that you achieve..It was a good lecture but not the awesome lecture as it was the first day..Then in the afternoon Prof.Q.H.Jeevaji sir took the lecture on Mind Set..he said that you should be pro-active not reactive.and he also told us that you should be principle centered..It was a very nice lecture after having it on post lunch we didn’t felt boring…
Next day Mr. Javed Khan Rana took the first lecture in the morning.. He told us the formula..
I=intelligent, Innovative, Interesting
L=Lovable, Long vision, language
U=uniqueness, usable/utility, Understanding
This lecture was as good as any lecture we have attended for a long time..
The post lunch session was of Mr. Nikhil Malhotra. he told us about the Quantitative skills and how to improve them.. He also took some examples which were very good and interesting….
Next day Banerje took the lecture on the english speaking and writing english..I was very fascinated by his english accent..He was speaking like a American person… But the total lecture was ok..ok..
Then there was a lecture by Dr. Suresh Chari sir… He was very much interacting with the students…He also took the Mock GD which helped us to improve our GD skills…The session was very very good….
Then many professors came and took their sessions…Our organizers really worked hard to make WAD more successful..
In the Ad campaign, we have given the product LIPSTICK …We started our work on the first day itself..GD sessions were held regularly everyday for our practice..I improved in every GD…
Then on the last day our GD and PI were held and they were very good but Pi was ok because in PI I was asked the hardware questions and they were very tough for me..
But I am in first 50 in WAD and this is most important for me…
Thanks for reading…