Microsoft, Yahoo! agree on Internet search partnership

Microsoft and Yahoo are partnering to take on the master… Google. This is the beginning of the end for Yahoo. But it’s good news for searchers and ultimately might be just what Yahoo and Microsoft need to get into the search engine game….enjoy !!!


Microsoft, Yahoo Officially Anounce the Partnership

“Bing to Replace Yahoo Search.”

Yahoo and Microsoft, as expected, have announced a major partnership. After a year and a half of failed talks, the pair finally have come together and cut a deal. Many changes were necessary for the deal to take place – a new search engine from Microsoft (Bing) — but now that it’s here, it promises to change the face of the internet.

The pair will hold an estimated 28 percent of the search market, or roughly a third, behind Google, which will hold roughly two thirds of the market. The deal will last for 10 years.

As previously anticipated, Microsoft’s new Bing search engine/algorithm will be replacing Yahoo’s search. Yahoo’s page will keep its look, but behind the scenes it will be powered by Bing.

We will continue to experience search as a vital part of our Yahoo! experiences and will enjoy increased innovation thanks to the scale and resources this deal provides.

How To Install Dual Operating Systems

By the special demand of my frnds i would like to throw some light on this…..

This article goes through the process of dual booting and shows you how to dual boot on your computer. To dual boot an operating system you need the .ISO image of the the operating system that you want to install. want to install “Ubuntu” on your computer which has Windows Xp or Windows Vista you can download the .ISO image from and burn it to a disk. You may also want to try the new windows 7 beta (RC) which u can download from torrents.

If you would like to dual boot your computer with Windows 7 beta you can just Google “Windows 7 beta build 7000 torrent” and select one of the results to download the torrent. you need to have a torrent client like “utorrent” or “Bit-torrent” to download torrents.

If you don’t know what your doing then don’t do this! You can mess up your whole computer if you don’t know what you are doing….haha !

NOTE: If you want to install UBUNTU then download wubi from here. Wubi installs ubuntu as a program inside Windows so it is recommended that you install it this way.

To burn an .ISO image to a disk you need to have the right program to burn it to. I recommend that you use infra-recorder to burn the ISO file and burn it to an empty disk. You may burn the ISO image to a CD or DVD. if the ISO image is “less than” 700 MB then you can use a CD if it’s more than 700 MB then you should use a DVD obiously, if its more than that then you’re gonna have to use a dual layer DVD which can hold up to 8.54 gigabytes. We are going to use Infra recorder…k.. To burn an ISO image just follow the below steps

1. Put an empty CD or DVD in your Optical drive (place where you put your CD or DVD)

2. Open Infra recorder and click on “Write Image”

3. Select the .ISO image and click open.

4. For write speed select the lowest speed possible to get
better results ( Higher the speed of burning process,greater the chance
of disk unfunctionality is possible…so do care..)

5. Then click OK and wait for it to finish

After that make a new partition.

Note: If you cancel the process your CD or DVD may not be usable again unless it is a CD-RW or DVD-RW.

To make a new partition follow these steps:

This process applies to Windows Xp and Windows Vista.

(You can also open run by Pressing Windows key+R on your keyboard if you’re on XP)

1. Click on start

2. Right click on Computer and click on “Manage”

3. from the left side bar click on “DISK MANAGEMENT”..

which is Under Storage.

4. After that right click on your main hard disk

mostly C drive.. and click on “Shrink Volume”

5. Then enter the amount of space you want to shrink it to (15 GB or more is recommended).

After you’ve made a new partition & burned the CD put it in the OPTICAL DRIVE or the place where you put CD or DVD, and change your boot order to DVD drive.After you change the boot order press any key on the keyboard when it says “press any key to continue…” to boot it from CD. While installing make sure you install it on the “NEW PARTITION”. If you install it on your main hard disk drive then you’ll loose all your data on that drive.

Then follow steps and install the operating you want to install….enjoy..!!!

Run Multiple Virtual Desktops on your computer

Running Multiple Virtual desktops on your computer is easy with Desktops. This little program is from by Windows Sysinternals. Since it is from Microsoft you do not have to worry about viruses or something like that. Using desktops lets you easily switch to a different desktop in just a matter of seconds. So, with desktops you can check your email listen to songs or something like that and on the other desktop you can browse the web or just chat with friends. You get 4 virtual desktops with this application and it just weighs about 115 kb.

Morro, Microsoft’s own free antivirus software

Software giant Microsoft close to supplying “free” antivirus software. Over the last couple of months, Microsoft has been busy with endless projects. Especially, with Windows 7 RC and the highlyregarded Bing search. Thus, the release of the “credit crunching” complimentary,…HAHA…use it for free…. 🙂

How to download YouTube videos, and then convert them from .flv to .avi

sudo apt-get install youtube-dl ffmpeg

– Then use this code to download the video,

youtube-dl -o example.flv “”

– To convert the video to .avi format

ffmpeg -i example.flv example.avi

Just to let you know, you should edit the name of the video and video link. Mine is just an example, however it is a good video on one of the Britain’s Got Talent shows exposing the new hit wonder, DJ Talent. :-)haha….enjoy !

Alter the colour of your Ubuntu

In order to change the colour of your Ubuntu, use the following command:

sudo apt-get install gnome-color-chooser

In future you can then discover the colours, under System >> Preferences.