Attended the RSS Program !

RSS ( Rashtriya Swanyamsevak Sangh ) has organized a program for all the budding engineers in nagpur. The Venue was ” Institute of Engineers ” South Ambazari Road, Nagpur.

The main Speaker of the show ” Mr. Ram Madhavji “ B.E sadasya, Akhil Bhartiya Kendriya Karyakarini, RSS !

There were Three sessions arranged by the organizers :

1) In the 1st session, Mr. Devendra Raut ( Vice Principal of Nuva Engineering College ) gave the speech which was really empowering for us.

2) In the 2nd session, Mr. Ram Madhavji’s formal discussion talk held. He gave awesome replies to the questions asked by the student attendies. In this session, The Audio-Visual Presentations were also shown prepared by different colleges in the city. Our college prepared the presentation on Science and Ancient India. I have uploaded that video in the videos column.

3) In the 3rd and the last session, Mr Ram Madhavji gave an formal speech but in an Informal way 🙂 strange but true.. 😛 He gave numerous examples of the conditions of India now and will be there in the coming future. It was really fascinating to learn from that 🙂

4) After this session, Lunch was there 😀 Awesome !! 😛 Enjoyed a lot there !!

After attending such a nice program from RSS, I am really looking forward to attend coming program from RSS !! 😀

Enjoy !

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