Submitted the Round 1 entry in Imagine Cup, Microsoft !

Imagine Cup, Poland

We have participated in a Touch and Tablet Accessibility award in a Imagine Cup 2010, Microsoft. The round 1 entry was consisting of the submission of the abstract related to the topics given for this year’s competition. We have selected the topic “Vision Difficulties and Impairment”.

We have proposed a ‘Text to Speech Converter using Prosody’ for the blind peoples. This will surely help them understanding the meaning of the sentence as the speech will deliver containing the emotions using the Touch feature in the Tablet PC. Hoping to get into the Round 2 !


Prof. M.B.Chandak


Hrushikesh Zadgaonkar

Satyendra Singh Naruka

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Lambasting Fulll forms !

COMPUTER :  Common Operating Machine Particularly Used for Technical and Educational Research
VIRUS : Vital Information Resources Under Seize
PDF : Portable Document Format
AVI : Audio Video Interleave
MPEG : Moving Pictures Expert Group
JPEG : Joint Photographic Expert Group
MP3 : MPEG-1 Layer 3
PNG : Portable Network Graphics (Comparatively better then JPEG and support binary transparency and alpha channel Transparency)
GIF : Graphic Interchange Format
DVD : Digital Versatile Disc
VCD : Video Compact Disc
CD : Compact Disc
RAR : Roshal ARchieve
3GPP (3GP) : 3rd Generation Participation Project
GSM : Global System for Mobile communication
CDMA : Common Code Multiple Access
HTML : HyperText Markup Language
DAA(PowerIso) : Direct Access Archieve
JAVA : Javanese Architecturae Virtual Acceleration
MOUSE : Manually Operated User Signal Encoder
WIFI : Wireless Fidelity

Source : Gourav Agarwal’s blog

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Global Connect submitted Successfully !

Global Connect, a multiserver chat project has been successfully submitted as our 6th sem project. Global connect connects to the clients of the different servers thereby allowing them to chat and interact with each other.

It has private chat accessibility, send file option to the respective client and chat can also be saved into the system.

When the user signup for Global Connect, then the application automatically sends the user with the credentials of the login on the email id provided in the form. If the two users who are online are doing private chat, then any one of them can send mail to the other user. This will be useful when other user is offline.

SMTP protocol is used for sending mails to the users as we have created the sessions and MimeMessages for the authentication of the email id’s and passwords.

Global Connect Developers :

Hrushikesh Zadgaonkar

Piyush Bramhe

Gaurav Murkute


Some of the screenshots of GLobal Connect are as follows:

Login Screen
Sign Up form
Main Form
Private Chat
Mail form
Database signup

I will be uploading the Beta Version of the GLobal Connect soon…so keep checking

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Watch this one !

This one is awesome ! A must watch 🙂

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FireFox for mobile !!

Firefox – world best and one of the most popular web browser is now also available for mobile handsets. Its codename is “Firefox fennec“. Just few days ago its RC1 vesion is released for Nokia’s mobile operating system called Mameo. Fennec fox is a small fox found in Africa and as this Firefox is smaller version of bigger firefox it is called as the Firefox Fennec.

Currently the Fennec is available for Nokia’s Maemo OS for N800/N900 devices but soon it will be available for other mobile operating systems like Android, Symbian, iPhone, Blackberry and Windows Mobile 6.0.

If you don’t have above mentioned operating system devices you can try Fennec on your PC , Linux or MAC too, Firefox released special version for testing and development purpose, so have a look at it and try it.

The entry of Firefox in mobile market is threatening for the current most popular mobile browser – Opera. Opera is very popular browser amongst mobile users including the Opera Mini and normal Opera. Now it will be very interesting to see what the Opera will do after Mozilla’s entry in mobile market.

More Information on Firefox Fennec :

Wikipedia on Firefox for Mobile.

Official Fennec page.


 Video by Firefox

 Firefox also given a video for their new browser, Take a look at what they have in it.

Fire With FireFox !


Everybody uses the Web differently, so why should your browser be exactly like the next person’s? Firefox has more than 6,000 add-ons to help you customize it to your exact needs, plus thousands of Personas to instantly change the way it looks.

Firefox “free, cross platform browser” has got it all. It’s user friendly, mainstream product usable by the average joe, which means serious web sites like banks will not ignore it and force that segment of users into switching to Microsoft Internet Explorer for their operations, it is lightweight, fast, secure, and it contains advanced features and personal customizations for the power users out there.

Firefox is very focused toward a better user experience: it has tabbed browsing, making it easier to open many windows without cluttering your desktop, and pop-ups blockers against those annoying ads that open windows without the user’s consent, with a good chance of finally crashing the whole browser down. Its Find function with the “find as you go” behavior makes it a breeze to scan a page for specific keywords.

It is an open source project with a big community of enthusiasts throwing their talent and creativity into making original and practical extensions that could meet almost any exotic demands from any user. Many of those features would never be provided by other browser makers because they are not corporate friendly, such as ads blockers. Being open source is not the end of its qualities, Firefox also is very standard compliant, so developers can count on it for adhering to the latest W3C guidelines, which makes their work easier and insures future compatibility with the present web sites. Hopefully, one day, the laggard Microsoft browser will catch up to Fire fox (and Opera, and Safari…) and web site developers won’t have to program for different browsers anymore, just one industrial standard.

Firefox has also a great reputation for on-line security. Because that browser is not intrinsically tight up deep within the operating system, like Internet Explorer, it provides by default a certain layer of protection to your computer. At worse, only that particular application can become problematic, which hasn’t happened yet. Their lower market share also makes it a less interesting target for virus creators and other hackers. The auto update feature will make sure you are always up to date with the latest patch at the click of a button. Regarding your privacy, Fire fox makes it very easy to erase all traces of your browsing activities with a simple click, if you so desired, such as cookies, internet cache files, browsing history, download history, and more.

Firefox was such a success that the initial side project became the main flagship product for the Mozilla organization.

Hey now I am the Mozilla Campus Representative..!! 🙂

So use Firefox and Enjoy !

SamStn Software Video and Demo Version!

SamStn Part 1:

SamStn Part 2:

SamStn Demo :

You can download freely SamStn Demo from here.