Top Secrets of Google Chrome

If you have came across hidden pages in the Mozilla Firefox, then there are some of them in the Chrome also.

1) about:memory

2. about:stats

This page is basically for the stats of the Google Chrome browser purpose.

3. about:histograms

Dont even try to understand what is written in this page..Its a Totally mad Geek Stuff 😛

4. about:dns

Displays Chrome’s pre-fetched DNS records for the frequently visited web pages (hostnames).

5. about:network

If you’re familiar with the Live HTTP Headers extension for Firefox, you could make sense out of this one. This page can be used for I/O tracking purposes.

6. about:crash

This shows how can you crash your webpage.

7. about:hang

Entering about:hang will hang the current webpage means it would not take any input from the user..Its another tool from devil’s toolkit.

8. about:version

Displays the version number of your browser, along with the Webkit and the v8 Javascript Engine version. The user agent used by Google Chrome is also listed.

9. about:plugins

Displays a complete list of plugins available in Google Chrome like flash, RealPlayer etc.

10. about:cache

All the web pages you view via Chrome are cached in the memory. This in increases the loading time of web pages when you visit them again. The cache is an important treasure of information and media of all the pages you visited. Chrome doesn’t have an option for you to set it’s cache size, but if you’re on an old computer, using few MBs of RAM, it is recommended to empty this cache, every once in a while.

Enjoy 🙂

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