Global Logic – Android Project Submitted Successfully!

Hi Everyone,

Just Completed with the second project of Final Year Successfully with Global Logic Pvt Ltd . 🙂 We presented our Android Application to Global Logic few days ago and received some good comments and some suggestions on the part of improving our application as the future scope! 🙂

Due to less time span given for this project, we implemented only certain basic features in the application. Our Project was on Android Platform as a “VideoStore”. Our Application mainly collects the data from certain sites , parses the data and displays it in the ListView . For Parsing we have used SAX Parser and its quite easy 😛

Main Objectives of the Application:

  • Video Feeds
  • News Feeds
  • Media Player with the default features

We are planning to work on some more features which we have planned as the future scope of the application. Here is the picture of my team for the project at Global Logic Pvt Ltd. 🙂

Starting from the right, I am listing out the names of the Project Members.

1) Hrushikesh Zadgaonkar

2) Sumit Agrawal

3) Amita Kashikar

4) Nayeemudin

5) Rohit Phulsunge ( He was absent at the meeting ) 😛

Even the Project Submission of the Persistent and Global Logic Projects is done..! *sigh*, *happy* 😀

Enjoy 🙂

7 thoughts on “Global Logic – Android Project Submitted Successfully!

  1. Hi,

    I am doing my final year mtech project on android. I am facing lot of issues. I can provide the synopsis and requirements of my project. Can you complete my project in a month?

    · Development of Protocol between Android based Smart Phone & Control & Monitoring Station server

    · Development of Apps for Smart Phone, to

    Ø View the Status & Design online of the weave completion at the different looms remotely

    Ø Transfer the design files to required looms, through control station

    Ø Control remotely the looms on emergency cases

    Ø Alter the configurations & parameters for Weaving

    Ø Troubleshooting & Maintenance Assistance Module



    1. Hi Amith,

      I can’t Complete your project but I can help you if you face any difficulties in doing the same. Thanks!


  2. Hi,

    I am Devika doing a project on android i am in my final year of MCA.

    My project is on chat system i have achieved it half i need to now learn on how can i show the chat on map i tried a lot but could not do it if you can send me links it would be very helpful to me. I also want to know how can i upload my project’s server code on a remote server. please help me with these problem.


    1. Hi Devika,

      Actually, what you mean by chat on map? Can you please rephrase your sentence just to convey a proper meaning?


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