Windows Phone 7 Mango Features Update Details !

Hi Everyone,

In this post, I am gonna share with you all about the exciting updates of Windows Phone 7 Mango. 🙂

Microsoft has integrated  Twitter, Facebook Chat, Windows Live Messenger and other popular social networking sites into the OS itself.

The feature in which it will bring in all your messages from IMs, Facebook, SMS’s right in one Inbox is called Thread Feature . Microsoft has also introduced Unified Inbox, which will allow users to read emails from multiple Email ids from one place only. It looks interesting 😀

The Live Tiles in WP7 have also been livelier. You can pin individual contacts at the home screen and it provides the user with real time updates from all the social networks for the same contact. I think the most important thing that have improved is Multi-tasking . It now allows users to switch between multiple apps. 😀

Chatting becomes easy with this update. 🙂  You can switch from one site chat to another ( or even the messenger ) very easily 🙂 Well, The Xbox hub has been redesigned totally and is integrated with the Xbox Live service from Microsoft. The Office Hub has also been updated and now supports the SkyDrive and Office 365 features.

It now even features your own 3D Avatar. 😉  The Social hubs are also enhanced in the new update. It automatically tags people to their Facebook profile, when a user uploads a pic on a social networking site. This is awesome 😀

Well, Talking about the Browser, It is updated to IE9 now. Therefore, browser now supports Hardware Acceleration and  HTML5 as well. :). Microsoft has also presented a demo showing the comparison of HTML5 rendering speed of a Windows Phone running Mango, Android, iPhone and a BlackBerry handset. The Windows Phone running Mango won there by a good margin, I tell you. 😉 You can see this comparison in the video attached at the end of this post 🙂

The Bing Search feature now allows users to search for apps and/or the web right from the search bar. Voice-to-text conversion and Text-to-voice conversion features are also integrated into the OS  itself. Cool right? 🙂

Also, Users can search by just clicking pictures of an object. The important thing is that now applications can share data between them which allows users to switch between applications. 😀

In the event that happened few days ago, It is declared that the next version for release of Windows Phone Mango is called as a People Centric release. This release will be mainly focused on the Internet, Applications and Communication Purposes. I am eagerly waiting for the same 🙂

The Windows Phone Mango update will be available beginning this fall. The Windows Phone Mango SDK is already available for developers for download. Download the Windows Phone Developer Tools 7.1 beta from here .

Take a look at this video which demonstrates all the new features of the Windows Phone 7 Mango. 🙂

Images Courtesy -> ThinkDigit 🙂

Enjoy 🙂

6 thoughts on “Windows Phone 7 Mango Features Update Details !

  1. There is so much in Mango (I tried out the Beta2 using the tools that quickly appeared and then reverted back to NoDo via a backup) that I can’t wait for this update (going back to NoDo has made me appreciate the new features even more). I’m sure if MS do give developers early access to Mango RTM there’ll soon be a way for everyone to access it although most likely you would need to restore from a backup once your carrier/device specific update was available.

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