Hi Everyone,

I got a letter and certificate from Microsoft India Team about completion of my graduation in the Microsoft Student Partners program.  The snapshot of the certificate is attached and you can see below:

            It was really an awesome journey as a Microsoft Student Partner. I learnt a lot from this program. It really helped me to explore my skills and apply the knowledge to the good effect i.e. Implement.

I have taken lectures in the different colleges, not only my college but various colleges in the Nagpur and also reviews of the students about the latest technology.  The best part was “DreamSpark Yatra” . A Life changing moment, Really! 🙂

Made a lot many friends during the program and interacted with many professionals and got to learn different things which I would have just dreamed of. Enjoyed a lot 🙂

Microsoft really helped student partners by giving the Microsoft Academic Alliance Subscription and the MSDN Ultimate Subscription for free. I think I haven’t used the subscriptions to the maximum level yet but before they expire, I surely will 😉

Concept of Microsoft Student Partners Program is really awesome. MSP’s from all over the world can interact and can share their ideas about the different technologies on the single portal. Looks amazing right? Yes,  it is! 🙂 I wish I had applied to this program in the third year of engineering only. Anyways, this one year was much fun and I would never ever forget these moments in my life. I can say I was one of the Microsoft Student Partner ha? Yeah…hehe! :p

Since “Student” is involved in the program, it means you are out of this when you are not a student. I passed my Computer Science Engineering and also graduated as a MSP. I am currently working in ZSoftware Inc and will be joining Persistent Systems Ltd, Nagpur in September. So no more a MSP! 😛

Journey is not over yet, wait! It’s just started. Being MSP gives you a platform to build your future as the way you want. It depends upon you how you take it..So I feel, its a start of the journey. As the tagline of MSP says “Beginning of the Dream”. It suits perfectly 🙂

What’s more to say? I will just say, please apply to the program and experience it yourself. Many dreams are waiting to get fulfilled right? 😉

Thanks Microsoft Student Partner team for all the support.

Signing off as @MsWizKid , Cheers!

Enjoy 🙂

10 thoughts on “MSP Graduation Completed Successfully!

  1. D post was v.gooood at top… gt better and whn ended was best…. i could imagine you speaking what you wrote right there. Was Very “hrushi” ie so yourself in d post!!! Kip up good work 🙂 Al d best & cheers!

    1. Hi Paras,

      Yeah. Really an awesome experience and a good platform to learn new technologies. Thanks for dropping by my blog. 🙂

    1. Hi Ishan,

      It is not necessary. It depends upon candidate competency level. MS selects if they find you suit for MSP Program.


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