The mobility era is taking its new shape and it has been proven. As per the analysis by Google Inc, its Google now gets more search queries in the U.S. from people using mobile devices like smartphones than it does from people browsing the internet on PC.

This situation is not only in U.S. but also in 9 other markets including Japan etc. As I mentioned earlier, this shift is a great milestone for mobility and for Google too. There is no doubt for the fact that it will play a very critical role for the Google’s future business processes.

There is a reason behind this critical role in terms of financial revenue. As many of you might be aware of that Google revenue’s hefty component is based on displaying ads to the user. The prices of the traditional ads displayed on Google website browsed using PC is very much larger than the prices for mobile ads. Due to increase in popularity of mobility and its usage, Google’s average ad prices have been in the decline for the recent years.

This is mainly due to the size of the ads. There are certain other reasons also which affect the ad pricing and command. The other reason could be because of the YouTube ads. Though, price per click continues to be core search business for Google and it should continue to over the years to come.

Also, Google is taking steps to improve its mobile ads. During the recent advertisement conference, Google announced smartphone friendly ads which will be more beneficial for the smartphone users and will work with gestures and would make use of images, respond to gestures such as finger swipes.

Let’s think about the other way round from the consumer perspective. There are certain ways using which a consumer would search for the information. He can directly skip searching in Google and can go to any vendor mobile application and search in app itself.

There are certain discussions going on for the new ads for mobile by Google and it would count for another post. I will write about it soon. Stay in touch.

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