This post covers the emerging or the extension of the current mobile trends in the upcoming year 2016.

Everyone would agree to the fact that mobile is our future. Has anyone of you given a thought behind different things in mobility which are really worth to be considered as the emerging trends or can bring the disruption?

Today, there are almost 6.8 billion mobile phone subscriptions for seven billion on this earth and it took 20 years for it. Mobile world has revolved round the earth and every single person (assuming rest 0.2 billion people will get mobile in 2016) has mobile and a cellular subscription. Most of these people have smartphones, they are into every corner of the world Рthus connecting world. Does that mean that mobile revolution is over? I feel it is definitely NOT.

It is true that the mobile markets are nearing the maturity level, everywhere you will find smartphones in dozens. We have tons of apps over different app stores and people are using them. So, what would be see more of it in 2016 and later on? Maybe smart apps? Mostly likely.

Today, most of the people are literally living, working, and exploring on mobile. Mobile has become addictive for many. As 2016 approaches, the most powerful developments in the mobile marketing space will be the ones that serve customers with customized and amazing experiences that actually enhance their lives. There are different trends which can shape to build long-terms relationship with clients through mobility space:

Reform business in Mobile

Mobile has forced business to adapt to a new marketing approach i.e personalized buying experience according to consumer needs. Each business can now use the mobile platform to reach out to their customers and offer new products and services based on the financial and non-financial constraints. The industries which are reluctant to shift to mobility have no choice but to shift to mobile because of the competitors.

The reformation of business in mobile, people/employees can become more productive and efficient by working from anywhere, anytime. This is very crucial for sales people to automate information and show presentations to the client with images, videos to snap the deal. Even the mobile interface between company and employees has been a great way reform the engagement. We would see every part of every business going mobile way in buying and selling process.

Mobile-First strategy

As ‚Äúmobile-first‚ÄĚ becomes the norm for every age group, consumers from all over the world have captured their interest in mobiles. One can do everything using mobiles like face-to-face interaction, e-mail, SMS, CRUD documents etc. This mobile trend has accelerated across all the businesses. It will be interesting to see how these businesses successfully market and monetize their mobility to consumers?

We have seen Flipkart go with Mobile-only strategy this year but then in November, they came up with Flipkart-Lite app to show support on mobile web too. You might have heard that Google ranks pages in its search engine based on their compatibility with mobile. The higher the mobile compatibility, the higher the page rank for your pages. You can read more about this in Business News Daily.

Internet of Things

This is the future for almost 10 years from now on. The apps are getting smarter and linked with plethora¬†of¬†different endpoints like¬†gadgets, vehicles and personal electronic equipment’s etc.¬†Moreover, by 2020, the number of devices alive on internet will reach to whopping 40 billion. I have written a separate post on internet of things. You can check it here.

Mobile Video Ads

Facebook and Twitter has started playing videos automatically so that users present on Facebook. Video Ads on Mobile has many challenges though it looks simple and promising.

According to the survey, around 8 second video ad is best suited for mobile assuming that you don’t have a skip ad option. I feel that most of the companies¬†will struggle to tell about brand in 8 seconds and mold their ready-made ads i.e. traditional 30 and 60 second ads to shorter promos. The research firm expects mobile video advertising to hit $2.6 billion this year.

Video ads on social media will become more prevalent. Google is also planning to incorporate video ads in search results to make it more appealing and eye-catching for users.

Growth in Advertising on Social

As you might be aware about ‘buy’ button introduced by Facebook and Pinterest this year for advertisers and users. I feel that we are going to see more of it in coming year. The mobile users can see this button with a sponsored post on Facebook and Pinterest and people can actually purchase the product using one click without leaving the mobile app. This has started and many other social platforms will also follow them just like mentioned here.

Mobile Commerce

As seen above, Business Insider conducted survey about monthly visitors across retails websites and it is found out that mobile only percentage has surpassed desktop. There are high chances that desktop only will get diminished over the next 2 years.

Virtual Reality

Are you aware about this new technology called as Virtual Reality? It is a computer simulated programming concept which can simulate your presence the real world. Google has introduced Google Cardboard, which lets Android and iPhone users sample the virtual reality experience in an easy and relatively inexpensive way. There is no need to invest in expensive VR headsets for development. If Google Cardboard succeeds then companies will be able to let customers experience their products  before they buy. In fact, some brands are already on board.

There are lot many small but exciting stuff coming in new year. Stay tuned for more updates on this front.

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