Global Logic – Android Project Submitted Successfully!

Hi Everyone,

Just Completed with the second project of Final Year Successfully with Global Logic Pvt Ltd . 🙂 We presented our Android Application to Global Logic few days ago and received some good comments and some suggestions on the part of improving our application as the future scope! 🙂

Due to less time span given for this project, we implemented only certain basic features in the application. Our Project was on Android Platform as a “VideoStore”. Our Application mainly collects the data from certain sites , parses the data and displays it in the ListView . For Parsing we have used SAX Parser and its quite easy 😛

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Change yourself, Be Practical !!

Hi friends,

You doing good, I know 🙂 Before you ask how am I doing? I am absolutely fine and enjoying 🙂 😉

I am back today with yet another important topic. “Change Yourself, Be Practical”.

What I want to edify through this post is, “Practical Knowledge is very much important than theoretical knowledge”. As a Epistemology, Many questions will be raised on this topic. Okay fine. No problems. 😛 We’ll have a look at them serially. 🙂

Theory knowledge is the empirical topic as we all know. It provides the legitimate facts, rules, and concepts founded upon research. I think theoretical approaches are very much inadequate to help in preparing the professionals to solve and apply practical solutions.It is totally extraneous if we consistently stress upon this. On the other hand, Practical knowledge provides Rampant Experience and Skill in problem solving. According to me, Practical knowledge means : ” Knowledge in Action” . Really!! 🙂

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Persistent Systems Project Competition 2010-2011 ( 2nd Prize )

Hi Guys,

How are you all ? Hope you are having a wonderful time. 🙂

Before starting with the actual post, I am giving 2 links of my previous posts which are linked with this one. Have a look at them 🙂

Project at Persistent

Final Year Project Decided

After referring to the above mentioned blog posts , you are now familiar with what Project Competition I am talking about. 🙂 Great.

Yesterday, all the selected teams from different colleges presented their projects at Persistent Systems. Each team looked well prepared. So were we 😛 🙂

Snacks done. Coffee done. Preparations done before the actual execution. 🙂

After some time judges arrived, asked some difficult questions. We answered some of the questions right, some of the questions were answered which even we were not knowing at that time ( Just Guessed ) 😛 But in all, it was very good project execution and judges were pleased with the project.

Audience at the Persistent even asked some great questions and provided with the useful suggestions for the project. Now, we know which functionalities we need to add to the actual project to make it even better. 🙂

Everybody pleased with the UX Designing and Reporting module of the Project. 🙂

Technology details of the Project:

  • Front End: Silverlight 4 , ASP.NET
  • Back End: Microsoft SQL Server
  • Tools Used : Visual Studio 2010 and Expression Blends 4

The Results were announced after a very long time and we were declared as 1st Runner’s up and being awarded Silver Medal for the same. 🙂 There is some bad feeling that we couldn’t be the winners but really enjoyed developing the project and the industrial exposure in Persistent. 🙂

Here are pics of mine presenting the medal and the certificate. 😀

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Enjoy and have fun 🙂 🙂

Final Year Project Decided!

Finally, I have decided with the final year project and taking a *sigh* now. Firstly We had decided to present the project which we developed for the Imagine Cup Poland 2010 , Microsoft this year but Only 2 members were involved in it so we didnt got permission to present it as a final year project as our team not consists of 5 members.

Our Final Year Project is a Complete Project management Solution with Agile Methodology (TouchEnabled).

A overview on Agile:

  • Customer Satisfaction
  • Early Incremental Delivery
  • Small Teams
  • Informal Methods
  • Minimal Work Products
  • Continuous Communication among developers and Customers

Some of the planned tool features are:

  • Product Planning
  • Sprint Planning
  • Release Planning
  • Maintenance
  • Regression Testing
  • User Story Testing
  • Reporting
  • Dashbooards

In the reporting module, we will be providing with the following charts:

  • Burn Down Chart

  • Member Performance Chart

  • Gantt Chart

We are also providing with the Touch feature so that this application will also work on Tablet PC. The Application will also have support for drawing the Use Case Diagrams and the Data Flow Diagrams.Even the Event Trace Diagrams can be drawn in this application. But this is not the only thing, User can draw these diagrams using the touch in his own way and the complete diagram will be replicated in the standard format. So this provides the easy way for the user to draw the diagrams 🙂

This is the industrial project with Persistent Technologies Ltd.

Project Guide:

Mohd. Irfan Khan from Persistent and College mentor are Prof. M.B. Chandak and Prof. Rashmi Welekar.

Project Members:

Hrushikesh Zadgaonkar, Satyendra Singh Naruka , Saurabh Maheshwari, Lalit thawrani and Gourav Agarwal.

I will be updating this blog post with new happenings in the project. Till then,

Enjoy 😀

The Android!

Android is an operating system for mobile devices such as cellular phones, tablet computers and netbooks. Android is developed by Google and is based upon the Linux kernel and GNU software. It was initially developed by Android Inc. (a firm later purchased by Google) and lately broadened to the Open Handset Alliance.

We had a meeting with the Global Logic, India today in our ( srknec ) college about the initiation of our training and the projects related to the Android technology. The training will be starting in 2-3 weeks and will contain the information and lectures on core java  for creating a base and later complete Android. So looking forward to learn and if anybody can share some innovative ideas for android projects which are not implemented yet can ping me anytime.

A short video on Android 2.2 is as follows:

Enjoy 🙂

Project at Persistent!

Persistent Systems Limited, Nagpur has came to the SRKNEC for the Project Allotment for the Final Year CSE Students. Three teams are selected and our Team is one of them. Our project guide from college is Prof. Rashmi Welekar mam and Persistent Systems Limited guide is Mr. Irfan Khan. There is a Project Competition in Persistent and it will be held in the month of Feb and the winning team will be awarded the Victory cup to them and their college.

So very excited to work and try to win this Victory cup. 😀

Enjoy 😀

Towards Global Logic's Way!

Global Logic, global software product engineering company came to our college (SRKNEC) for industrial projects and conducted aptitude tests for Computer cience and Information Technology branch students. Paper was a little tough as expected. 15 students from CS/IT selected for the personel interviews. Interviews were held @ Global Logic, Nagpur and at last 10 students selected for ANDROID projects. I cleared both rounds and 1 of the 10 students ! 🙂

Now it’s Android time for me ! 😀