Hi all,

I wish to write this post in my mother tongue i.e. ‘Marathi’ ! If you don’t get the meaning, you are free to ask anything in comments! 🙂


मित्रांनो, नव्हे ते आज असा वेळ मिळाला आहे कि मनातल्या सगळ्या भावनांची उला ढाल करून टाकतो!
गणेश चतुर्थी हा दिवस खूप अप्रतिम आणि निराळा आहे. त्यातील  प्रेमाचा आणी दैविक क्षणांचा मिलाप काही औरच आहे! या दिवशी बाप्पांचा गृहप्रवेश होतो! बाप्पा आले कि सगळी घरातील मंडळी एकत्र येऊन त्यांची पूजा करतात. त्यांच्या गृहप्रवेशाने एकदम प्रसन्न वाटतं!
आज माझी कंपनी म्हणजे ‘Persistent Systems’ इथे, गणेश चतुर्थी ची पूजा होती. श्री गणेशाची पूजा ‘Persistent Systems चे ‘Chief People Officer’ समीर बेंद्रे यांच्या हस्ते झाली. पूजेला खूप जण उपस्थित होते. सर्व मित्र मंडळींनी पारंपारिक कपडे घातले होते. अर्थात, वातावरण एकदम सुंदर आणी प्रफुल्लीत होते. खालील चित्र म्हणजे कंपनी तील गणेशाची मूर्ती होय.
खालील चित्र माझ्या मित्रां बरोबर चे आहेत.
संणांचे दिवस सुरु झाले आहेत. जणू काही मिठाई (प्रसाद) खायचेच दिवस आहेत की! श्री गणेश आपले सर्व दुख , चिंता आणी विघ्न दूर करावे हीच ईश्वर चरणी प्रार्थना असावी..!
गणपती बाप्पा मोरया, मंगल मूर्ती मोरया! 🙂
धन्यवाद  🙂

My love,

A one woman army of my heart,

Your wishful words that can never be forgettable,

You are my way just like a god’s grace,

You are journey which will never end,

You and Me together make everything seem right,

Mornings making that sweet wish for the day,

Good nights to make a promise for a great dream,

Dreams seemed so incomplete without your touch,

You are the one who heals all my injuries,

Meeting you always make me fresh,

Your touch boosts the confidence in me,

The best time in life is the time spent with you,

Your voice is as sweet as a dessert,

Your presence awaits a positive approach in my life,

Tears inside your eyes are so unbearable,

Cute fights with you are so cherishable,

Sometimes being silent speaks out thousand feelings,

Sometimes gaps between the relation always felt broken,

But it’s the love that conquers and that has won million hearts!

Dedicated to all people who are in love and can’t live without that someone and enjoying their life to the fullest! God bless.

Enjoy 🙂

Just another post on Friendship day

Hi all,

After so many days, I am back and writing this post on my blog. I couldn’t get a better occasion to write than a friendship day. Took a break for sometime today and thought to just put in some thoughts on this beautiful rainy day in Nagpur.

The days are going wonderful as expected. Persistent Systems life is kind of hectic. The project work, MS studies and training programs take most of the day’s time.  The remaining time is spent with family and some close friends. Even a little time with them gives me so much freshness and enjoyment. They are the best part of my life! 🙂

I had my birthday 2 weeks earlier on 24th July. Maybe it was the best ever birthday celebrations/surprises I ever had. Lot’s of talks and getting calls from good old friends make it very special. I would like to thank all of best buddies who made it a memorable day in my life. Friends are my life and they are running it for me. Without them, don’t know where would I been. 😛

Rainy days are going on and the atmosphere is quite breathing everyday. I get to see beautiful flowers and green trees everywhere which keeps my mind refreshing and enchanting. You won’t believe but I had almost 5-6 delicious ‘Bhuttas’ in a single week during these days. 🙂

Every Sunday is planned for a movie and for some hangout. It is really needed when you work for almost 14 hours a day during week days. I have seen many movies during these days (i.e. calculating every sunday 😛 ) and enjoyed.

The reverse part also didn’t go anywhere. Some of the things are making me scratch head and run my mind very fast. I am becoming too much moody as the days are passing by. It’s always the case that everything doesn’t go as you expect. As you get older, people start expecting a lot from you and you need to handle everything with maturity. Life seems blur as the pic depicts but it is just more focus turn away. Same is the case with me.

Sometimes, I feel to just go away from everything that I am currently doing..far away from everyone just to get that silence and calmness in life. The biggest enemy seems future. Weird thoughts start coming up and mind works in all directions such that no output is generated. That’s why I have to spend small amount of time alone at night to just focus on what should I do to prevail and get focused. Sharing this with friends always help. Some or the other friend helps you in a quality way and keeps you cool. 🙂

Okay. I think this is getting very boring for you all to read. Hmm…Let’s make this a real fun. On Last Sunday, I watched ‘The Dark Knight Rises’ and became a big fan of ‘Christian Bale’. I am working to have exactly the same beard he has in the movie. 😉 Once I am done with the same, will share the pics with you all 🙂

Anything more left? Oh yes, there are many things still awaiting. but I think this much is quite okay for a post after a long time. Just adding something up for Friendship day, it was a good day but not the perfect day that I had planned it to be. It all ended up with a f-band from a friend which will be ON for someday’s.

Summing up, I have realized the value of time in life and once it’s gone, it won’t give you a second chance to make an impact. Value it and go forward! 🙂

@MsWizKid Signing off,

Enjoy 🙂

Hi All,

I was thinking about this word “Hope” yesterday night and the one thing that came to my mind is “Life”. There is a strong connection between the two words. Hope plays a significant role in everyone’s life. If there is no hope, there is no meaning to the life. Everybody hopes for certain things to happen in his life. He wishes it to happen as the way he wants. Do they really happen exactly the same way? The answer is NO.

The purpose behind writing the post on this topic is to make everybody take a moment and think in a broad way. Whatever happens, it’s some or the other way the best thing that has happened to you. You might not agree with me at this point but yes, I believe this! Some of you might agree to me. You agree because you realized after a certain period of time that oh really, God was with me! Yes he was, he took this decision for me which was the best for my life!!

One thing I would like to point out that I really believe in God and his magic! I have experienced it so many times in my life. People hope big. Some of them get it, some don’t. Those who don’t get it should lose hope? Those who fail to achieve it should be sad? Should be alone? NO. A big NO. If you keep trying hard even after a certain failures, not a big deal! God is watching you. He is watching your tries and your efforts. Some or the other way, he would definitely open the doors for you which you would never even think of! Ultimately, that would give you a chance to shine bright in life! See, this certainly happens. I mean whatever you do, how much you put in the efforts, you will definitely get the resultant output sometime in life.

If you lose hope, you will go into the state of depression that won’t allow you to come back and enjoy your beautiful life! You didn’t get 9 out of 10. You got 7 out of 10. So? Is it the end of your life? Go and getup! Your ultimate aim should be to PASS in life! Depression is that evil material which eats you inside and certainly affect you and your colleagues.

Hoping is not a crime, but inflicting pain on yourself is. There is nothing wrong in expecting, but there is nothing right either, in wronging your being for someone or something that will not make you happy.

I read this quote and also is the strong follower of the same! I do have the poster for it at my office desk. Here it is! 😀

Just because something is difficult doesn’t mean you shouldn’t try. It means you should just try harder.

Hope is that magic stick in life which will never leave you alone and will fight against all odds and eventually make you survive in life! If you want to enjoy the beauty of life, if you want to save yourself from all the evil stuff around, it’s only hope that matters! That’s what you ultimately need, right? 🙂

One of the quote says “Make sure you haven’t lost the things which money can’t buy”. You can relate it “Hope”. Hope in the Lord never disappoints

Note: I just “Hope” that this post is good enough to make you hope better in life 🙂

@MsWizKid Signing off,

Enjoy 🙂

Hi All,

Perhaps, I would not call this as a poem but yes, these are some lines which means a lot for the people who are in love! I am writing these lines with all the experiences my friends had received.. 🙂

Request which you accepted,

Acknowledgement you gave,

Unforgettable Smile you first shown,

Love is the name, actually is very stupid,

That itself makes it more interesting,

Your face increases thy heartbeats,

They see God, I see you,

Love is defines you, Care declares you,

Sleep don’t take over unless that text from you,

Difficult situations always with your hand in hand,

Emotions flow comparison with river,

Just a single word exchanged feels like endless year with you,

That amazing standing meeting maybe just once with you,

Those stupid calls during the monsoon with you,

Fruitful evenings always brought happiness,

I feel really happy to see such a star alongside,

Danger in your eyes, never ever felt good,

Your tears felt like blasts beside my ear,

Never got a chance how exactly to portray your existence in me,

Love went so deep never thought of coming over again,

Fall of words always the case when to describe you,

Yes, you are that star that always shines in my life,

Day and Night, it sparkles happiness and beauty towards Life,

May be that virtual hug would never come back,

I kept bleeding love, may be some left behind

Loss was never felt, but just had to experience

It’s just the case, I would never get you,

This shine I got now, may not be enough to recall that love star,

Feels drenched of life,

I so miss you..

Beautiful star, God showed me,

That way me came to you,

Amazing moments, sleepless talks,

It all finished with that cry behind you!


Walking on road alone, thinking about you,

Care it was for me, which you showed,

Those misunderstandings and cursed beloved things,

It all finished with that cry behind you!


Love it was, never lowered for an eye blink,

Smiles all the way,  listening beautiful songs,

Mesmerizing Dedications, ever fast heartbeats,

It all finished with that cry behind you!


Sleepless nights, thinking about you,

Breathtaking moments when away you,

That shivering while  speaking in front of you,

It all finished with that cry behind you!


Changes happened, due to certain commitments,

Graphic appreciations, with a token at your side,

Personality changes swirled with time,

It all finished with that cry behind you!


Walking on busy road, that feeling of being alone

Seemed good life, just because of your existence,

Heaven seems so near with your smile

It all finished with that cry behind you!


When we first met, Rest of the world seemed fake,

Many questions raised, Stood still I,

Good n bad moments, shared all along with you

It all finished with that cry behind you!


That rope towards you, vanished into black hole,

Crying behind you, never felt so bad,

Remembering those moments, that will never come back,

Yes, it all finished with that cry behind you! 😐

Hi Everyone,

I am coming up with yet another non-technical post on a topic which I feel is very important in everyone’s life.

There is quite a dispute regarding this topic as what exactly is true love and what’s the actual form of attraction..

There are various forms of medium to meet a person these days..! When we first meet someone, regardless of the medium that we meet, we are either attracted or not.  Attraction, when pursued, eventually grows into levels of friendship and then may cross the barriers and grows into love.

If we meet someone in person, we tend to size them up physically and how they look. But if we meet the person through the phone conversation or internet chat, we judge the person by how they converse and how interesting they are while having chat?  It is very much true that people can act in whichever manner they want, be whatever they want to be, over the internet. But eventually the true person leaks through the cracks and we begin to see their true self.

Moral of the story:

Whatever is the medium, Be yourself!!  You may eventually want to meet the person on the other end of the conversation. And Yes, this happens.. 🙂

When you do meet the ‘real’ person on the other end,  remember that you have made to like that person because of what’s inside their heart and mind.

You have found a potential in person as ‘soul mate’ who thinks as you and feels the same way as you feel.

No one is perfect.

The physical appearance doesn’t matter as their inner looks and soul. What we see is what we get, and hopefully the heart ranks the highest. We fall in love with someone’s soul, not the shape or size of their body. And although a certain number of things can be done to improve physical appearance, that shouldn’t be our main criteria or requirement for friendship or companionship.

We all have our own flaws and shortcomings.  The concept of finding the ‘right’ person for you is good.  If you go behind finding a perfect one for yourself, then it is improbable and discouraging, because that ‘perfect’ one doesn’t exist. 😐

It says “No one is perfect until you fall in love with them“. I believe, do you? 🙂

Signing off,

Have a great day! 🙂