Get invisible on facebook!

Facebook directly provide a option of getting offline in the chat and then you dont see who is online. So if you want to get invisible from the chat but want see whos online then visit this

Now you will get the friends who are online.Thereafter, go offline from the chat dialog window. Now you are invisible and can see who is online ..


Global Connect submitted Successfully !

Global Connect, a multiserver chat project has been successfully submitted as our 6th sem project. Global connect connects to the clients of the different servers thereby allowing them to chat and interact with each other.

It has private chat accessibility, send file option to the respective client and chat can also be saved into the system.

When the user signup for Global Connect, then the application automatically sends the user with the credentials of the login on the email id provided in the form. If the two users who are online are doing private chat, then any one of them can send mail to the other user. This will be useful when other user is offline.

SMTP protocol is used for sending mails to the users as we have created the sessions and MimeMessages for the authentication of the email id’s and passwords.

Global Connect Developers :

Hrushikesh Zadgaonkar

Piyush Bramhe

Gaurav Murkute


Some of the screenshots of GLobal Connect are as follows:

Login Screen
Sign Up form
Main Form
Private Chat
Mail form
Database signup

I will be uploading the Beta Version of the GLobal Connect soon…so keep checking

Enjoy !