Facebook Email !

First Question is “Would you like a Facebook.com email address?”

The social networking giant “Facebook” is slowly rolling out a new messaging system that will offer Facebook’s half-a billion active users an optional email address that will let folks/buddies send or receive messages from Facebook to or from traditional email accounts.

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How to Stop Facebook Group Chat

Facebook has introduced with the new feature of group chat to give users control to share their information and stuff. It has become a lot popular these days. If you have a group of people discussing about something, then this is the awesome solution. But sometimes, some of your friends in a group are online and having a chat but you are not willing to join the conversation on the group chat then, it becomes quite irritating for you as facebook pings you with those red coloured digits signifying the many lines of text sent will glare at you like anything!


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Facebook Photo Zoom!

This is the best way to view the photos on facebook according to me. If you are using Google Chrome to use the facebook then just click here and install Facebook Photo Zoom Plugin for Google Chrome Browser.

After Installing the Plugin, restart the browser and open facebook. Now when you place your cursor on any picture then it will load and zoom there itself for you.

This is the normal button of the photo zoom which says that the photo zoom plugin is on.

This is the button of the photo zoom which says that the photo zoom plugin is off.

This button is present as a default beside  left of the chat windows on facebook.

Enjoy 😀

Get invisible on facebook!

Facebook directly provide a option of getting offline in the chat and then you dont see who is online. So if you want to get invisible from the chat but want see whos online then visit this


Now you will get the friends who are online.Thereafter, go offline from the chat dialog window. Now you are invisible and can see who is online ..