Imagine Cup 2011, USA

Do you want to change the world? Really? Is it what you are willing to do? Then its really a awesome idea. But it is pretty big task. 😛

Explore your imagination, think beyond the limits is what is the theme for Imagine Cup. So are you ready to change the world? You better be 😀

Last time, we had participated in Imagine Cup 2010, Poland in the Touch and Tablet Accessibility Award and it was the awesomest experience 😀 Learnt a lot, gained many new things, got a exposure and reached the worldwide semifinals. This time we have to strive high than previous to achieve what we didnt got the last time. *hopes on thrive* 😀

So guys, All the information about the Imagine Cup you can get from here. So this time, Windows phone 7 challenge is added to the cart at Imagine Cup. I think it will surely receive a good response from the innovators 😀

The Competitions in the Imagine Cup 2011, USA are :

So register for these events asap and dont miss this great opportunity 😀

Enjoy 😀


Final Year Project Decided!

Finally, I have decided with the final year project and taking a *sigh* now. Firstly We had decided to present the project which we developed for the Imagine Cup Poland 2010 , Microsoft this year but Only 2 members were involved in it so we didnt got permission to present it as a final year project as our team not consists of 5 members.

Our Final Year Project is a Complete Project management Solution with Agile Methodology (TouchEnabled).

A overview on Agile:

  • Customer Satisfaction
  • Early Incremental Delivery
  • Small Teams
  • Informal Methods
  • Minimal Work Products
  • Continuous Communication among developers and Customers

Some of the planned tool features are:

  • Product Planning
  • Sprint Planning
  • Release Planning
  • Maintenance
  • Regression Testing
  • User Story Testing
  • Reporting
  • Dashbooards

In the reporting module, we will be providing with the following charts:

  • Burn Down Chart

  • Member Performance Chart

  • Gantt Chart

We are also providing with the Touch feature so that this application will also work on Tablet PC. The Application will also have support for drawing the Use Case Diagrams and the Data Flow Diagrams.Even the Event Trace Diagrams can be drawn in this application. But this is not the only thing, User can draw these diagrams using the touch in his own way and the complete diagram will be replicated in the standard format. So this provides the easy way for the user to draw the diagrams 🙂

This is the industrial project with Persistent Technologies Ltd.

Project Guide:

Mohd. Irfan Khan from Persistent and College mentor are Prof. M.B. Chandak and Prof. Rashmi Welekar.

Project Members:

Hrushikesh Zadgaonkar, Satyendra Singh Naruka , Saurabh Maheshwari, Lalit thawrani and Gourav Agarwal.

I will be updating this blog post with new happenings in the project. Till then,

Enjoy 😀

Imagine Cup Poland Final 2010 Result

Imagine Cup 2010 Poland, Touch and Tablet Accessibility Award Finals result screenshot !

Today, the results of the Imagine Cup finals declared. Our Team didn’t Qualified for the Mega-Finals in Poland. But after seeing the projects of the two teams which are qualified, I think they surely deserve to be as the Mega Finals Competitors. One of the top team is connected with NASA and one member from their team has already received a National Fellowship Award for their project. That is damn awesome!! 🙂

But we have received a Access to the MSDN Academic Alliance for using most of the Microsoft Tools and SDK for free.  😀 . We have even started downloading them and learning them. So using them will surely gonna be fun…..

Now after the Imagine Cup Fever ends for SRKNEC and also for India for Touch and Tablet Accessibility award in this year, we will concentrate on Microsoft Tech Group in Srknec as soon as the College starts.

We will again participate for the next Imagine Cup in the next year and hope to reach in the Mega Finals next year.. 🙂

Thank you all for your support!

Selected for the finals of Imagine Cup, Microsoft !

We had participated in the Touch and Accessibility award of Imagine Cup, Microsoft. The result came today and we selected for the finals. Only 10 teams over the world are selected and only we, from India. selected ! 😀

So will be starting with the project very very soon as the submission dates are not so far..!

This is the result screenshot..

I will keep on updating the latest news regarding this project. So keep checking !

Enjoy !

Submitted the Round 1 entry in Imagine Cup, Microsoft !

Imagine Cup, Poland

We have participated in a Touch and Tablet Accessibility award in a Imagine Cup 2010, Microsoft. The round 1 entry was consisting of the submission of the abstract related to the topics given for this year’s competition. We have selected the topic “Vision Difficulties and Impairment”.

We have proposed a ‘Text to Speech Converter using Prosody’ for the blind peoples. This will surely help them understanding the meaning of the sentence as the speech will deliver containing the emotions using the Touch feature in the Tablet PC. Hoping to get into the Round 2 !


Prof. M.B.Chandak


Hrushikesh Zadgaonkar

Satyendra Singh Naruka

Enjy !