XIX Commonwealth Games

OSI Days 2010, India

OSI Days 2010, India is the Asia’s Largest Open Source Conference which is going to be held between September 19-21, 2010 at Chennai Trade Center, Chennai. Many Speakers from all over the world will be coming and giving their thoughts on different open source technologies. New Technologies and the opportunities in them will be clearly discussed. I have registered for OSI Days 2010 and also received the silver pass for the entry. Mine attending the days is not sure as the sessionals exams are still going on in our college upto 20th september. But if it’s possible will try to attend. Anyone of you want to join and register for OSI days can do from the website link given and enjoy the days 😀

Website Link:  osidays.com

Join the Save Tiger Campaign !

For our life depends on them !

Save Tiger Campaign !

Only 1411 tigers left in India. It is our prime duty to join the save Tiger Campaign.

If we still remain behind this then Our beloved animal will extinct in the near future.

So goto savetigers.com and join the movement !

Enjoy !!!