NetBeans User Group, Nagpur – First Meetup !

Today, I attended the First meetup of NetBeans User Group, Nagpur. 10 very passionate people of Netbeans Platform were present in the meetup and we had the fun altogether.

The details regarding the venue of this meetup were :

Date and Time:
23rd Sept 2010 – Thursday ; 8:30 PM – 9:00 PM

Beans & Buddies
Pratibha Sankul
besides Alankar Cinema
North Ambazari Road , Nagpur

Google maps
Directions for Alankar Cinema :

An introduction of the group:

NUGNagpur is a group of people passionate about NetBeans IDE or NetBeans Platform and who are located geographically in Nagpur, Maharashtra, India.  This group is the main collaboration tool for the members.  This is a focused group and the members intend to meet many time in a month.  The objective of the group is to share personal experiences, tricks, tips and learning with each other and contributing the community as and when possible. 🙂

Now coming towards the meetup, We had the discussion about what exactly “User Group” is all about. The final conclusion result out of the discussion was “User Group is a group of people who actually are users of the technology, for the group is all about. 🙂 Its the group in which the members meet regularly to discuss the views for the technologies or they can even interact on the mailing list to share knowledge and experiences.”
The Agenda for the meet was:
  • What is NetBeans IDE / Platform?
  • Why is NetBeans IDE /Platform and how much it is used to the developers?

Sir, Tushar Joshi was really motivating for us. 🙂 He was explaining about the NetBeans Platform and interesting stories associated with it to us like –

A story of Jarda Tulach (NetBeans founder & architect), about how he started developing NetBeans as his Final Year Project and many of the colleagues  joined him later on. They started with their own company “NetBeans”  in 1998 with the release of the NetBeans IDE as the first commercial product and it then, Sun Microsystems took over that company and all the members of NetBeans joined Sun Microsystems for the later development of the product. Awesome story for the youngsters who are willing to learn java and learn Netbeans platform. It indeed motivated us a lot. 😀

On 26th October, it was NetBeans Birthday ! So on this occasion, Yarda Tulach gave an interview in which he said in his own voice,

I am a infant terrible of NetBeans. This means I am a  “terrible child” of NetBeans. 🙂

I was also part of the group which started the original student project in 1996 at the Faculty of Mathematics and Physics of Charles University. As for the official role, I work at NetBeans as an architect.

Originally, there were 7 of us working on a student project at school. We worked on an IDE written in C++ and it was aimed for Unix, so we called it Xelfi (meaning Delfi for uniX). We’ve been trying to create the IDE for a year or so, but we had little success. I got the idea that we could rewrite Xelfi in Java and got ridiculed for it at first, but after 6 months or so we started to code Xelfi in Java 1.0.2.

NetBeans in not just an IDE, but its a platform. I’m very happy about it. If you build applications today, modular architecture is a must. You can benefit heavily from reusing the NetBeans platform. So that’s my most favorite feature.

Lastly when the question asked to him “Where do you find NetBeans Heading” then Yarda replied : I think NetBeans will play a bigger role at Sun – you can hear Jonathan Schwartz talking about NetBeans a lot these days. Modularization of the Java platform is very important, there’s a relatively new JSR 277 – the module system for Java. You can be sure that NetBeans will support this JSR, there’s a lot of need to write modular applications. Java needs to have a good answer for modularity.

This interview was very much interesting for the NetBeans lovers as they get a lot to learn from this and it also gives a relative idea of how actually NetBeans has developed.

We also discussed about Technology Rock for GTD ( Getting Things Done ). You can get more information about it from here.

Our group has got an offer of learning the platform to develop in NetBeans IDE free of cost in 2 days as a training through Skype or WebEx by an expert of NetBeans and all the attendees of the meetup completing the training will be called as NetBeans Certified Associate (NCA) & after the training, some assignments will be given to us and after submitting those assignments, we will be called as the NetBeans Certified Engineer (NCE). Cool right ? !!

Sir also told us about the process of creating a patch for the NetBeans and motivated us to go through the source code of NetBeans as it is open source. It was very interesting and we havent thought of before. I will definately try it out soon…Firstly, I will have to find a fault/bug in it and then will make a patch 😉

We were ROFL when sir told about the full form of RTFM which is the most common word used for the basic questions in the technology forums. ( Please dont waste time, just google it out ) 😀 😀 😀

I have attached some of the pics of the meetup, just check them out.

Some of the pics of the meetup :

We had very funny moments within the meetup as it was not a very formal meetup. Everbody was in the casuals and very expressive. Everybody had a hot coffee and the environment was just awesome..It felt like this group gonna make wonders in the coming months…This is not a joke, our group will !!! 😀

The current stable version of NetBeans IDE is 6.9.1. You can download it from here.

In this meetup, we have decided to plan about the short term goals which we want to achieve. Some of the goals that we planned are

  • Downloading Netbeans Stable version and installing it on every members system.
  • Learning the NetBeans through the documentation.
  • * Using the mailing list *

Note:  * means Very Important! 😀 Long term goals will be like developing a open source project and all. So, for those who are still not a part of this group, dont feel jealous, just get in the group and have tech fun. Join this group from here. I will keep on updating the news regarding the group here only..So keep checking..Till then,

Enjoy 😀

JUG Nagpur 3rd meetup @Infospectrum

I attended the JUG ( Java Users group ) Nagpur meetup today @Infospectrum Nagpur between 2 to 4 pm and learnt a lot many new things.

The 1st session was held by Mr. Harshavardhan Karkar on Java Server Faces. In this session, he explained different features of JSF as:

  • Robust Component Framework
  • Event Driven Programming
  • Extensible Architecture

Then the purpose of JSF as:

  • Faster Web Application Development
  • Event Management
  • Validations

The latest version of the JSF is JSF 2.0 in the market. There is a Mojarra Project going on about which he given the reference which you can check from here.

He further explained about JSF tags which include:

  • JSF Core Tags Library
  • JSF HTML Tags Library

Some of the code reference for these is as follows:

<%@ taglib uri = “…./core” prefix =”f”>

<%@ taglib uri = “…./html” prefix “=h”>

He also explained the importance of the JSF core tags which can be useful for Layout Management for the components. After this, he shifted to the faces-config.xml which basically consists of <navigation> part first and <beans> the next. He then concluded with telling the web.xml file and its importance. I learnt a new thing today and this will help me to develop some open source project in the coming days.

Then Mr. Rahan Ranade, Oracle Corporation, started with the next session on Rock Star Developers. He suggested some of the tips related towards the passion of coding, developing, managing and most of all, making a difference. He suggested some of the bloggers to follow. I want to share them for you all,

  • Paul Graham
  • Joel Spolsky
  • Bruce Eckel ( Thinking in Java )
  • Dave Thomas

Also some of the podcasts to follow are:

  • The Java Posse
  • NetBeans
  • Developer Podcast
  • Drunk and Retired
  • CNET- this week in tech

and lastly for referring to the videos refer:

  • Open Courseware
  • Google tech Talks

Lastly he said to become a better developer refer, 🙂

In between the sessions, Mr. Tushar Joshi sir, shared his experiences and knowledge about the talks and also given some of the referals as:

  • (for the forums).
  • Beyond Control tool and JCompare tool ( which is in the developing phase )

After the sessions got over, we had a informal rounds of introduction of everybody of the attendees and discussed the questions raised. Then we took the snacks and coffee. It was really a great meetup happened to be in the Netscape Conference room @Infospectrum and I really enjoyed it a lot. Anybody interested in joining JUG please contact me. I will tell you about the further details and steps you should need to perform. Now as always, eagerly waiting for the next JUG Nagpur meetup and its agenda. 😀 till then,

Enjoy 🙂