Microsoft DreamSpark Yatra 2011 – Nagpur Experience !!

Microsoft DreamSpark Yatra 2011 Nagpur was a very memorable experience in my life. Enjoyed a lot and really, it has changed my life altogether and I even made some really good friends. Well, Talking about the efforts “MSP team in Nagpur” had taken, they made this event a Grand Success. 🙂 🙂

The Event held in G.H. Raisoni College of Engineering on 17th Feb. Almost 7000+ Site Hits – 3000 SMS – 1300 Check in’s – More than 800 Phone Calls – 100 Mails – 50 Volunteers – 47 Colleges – 18 days – 10 MSP’s – 4 Cities, this is what speaks of the success of the complete event. 🙂

Everything was executed very well..!! I have given many seminars ( technical ) before this DreamSpark Yatra, but this experience was really different. We had organized two DreamSpark Yatra’s on a single day. Talking to the audience of 60-70 people is one thing and talking in front of the crowd of 750 people is totally different. I was a little nervous before the seminar. Hmm.. Well, I chose the topic of “Microsoft Kodu – The Ultimate Gaming Lab” for my session. 😉

It is freaking awesome if you have interest in the Gaming Side with no programming skills.
The Morning session was very good. I am not telling this myself ( Verified by the response I got after the session  ) . Everybody was so keen about the topic and looked very interested. 😀

Many sessions were held under DreamSpark Yatra. Mr. Sachid Deshmukh from Microsoft came all the way from Hyderabad to take a session on Windows Phone 7. The session was good but frankly speaking, Participants were not showing much of the interest in the session as the it contained all the business standards, marketplaces and many things which the attendees didnt like. But overall, a great session 🙂

Many quiz questions were put forward to the attendees during the gaps between the sessions to give them a chance to win some cool exciting goodies and prizes. ( Goodies – Microsoft Software DVD’s and even some Microsoft T-shirts for a little harder questions  ) .

The second session also contained the same seminars as those in the first session.  It also went great. 🙂

Microsoft Kinect Demo was the most exciting part of the whole DreamSpark Yatra .Everybody was very keen to come and play the games on the Kinect and Crowd was also supporting them. It was really a great atmosphere there
I really enjoyed being a part of the organizing committee of DreamSpark Yatra, Nagpur. Before 2 days of DreamSpark Yatra I was feeling unwell and wasn’t really in a position to even attend the event. But yes, I attended it, took a session myself and felt awesome after that! 😀

Talking about the funny things that happened during the DreamSpark Yatra,

  • Got an opportunity to talk and befriend many Girls.
  • Right now I am known as Kodubaba after taking the session on Microsoft Kodu .  lol!
  • After 5-6 days, I got a call at 11pm from one of the attendees. He was asked whether they can show their 4th sem project in Microsoft Kodu!!

I was shocked to listen to the question. ha ha ha !! But really nice to even receive compliments for what you taught!
The Best thing about the DreamSpark Yatra was that I found one *beautiful* girl in the crowd of the audience. But didnt get a chance to interact with her. I could feel her looking at me many times but since I got stuck up somewhere, I could not show my attention towards her. 😛 Dont know why? 😐 Still, I am sure, I will definitely find her sometime, somewhere. Dont know her name though but have her name in the list of the whole Attendees  *Need some extra efforts to find that name* hehe. Note: Always think positive  Well, even she can contact me in the future  haha! 😀

So, it was one hell of an experience of my life and I will cherish each and every moment of it whether it was happy, emotional, unhealthy, healthy .  I can now say that this event was one of the Greatest Technical Event that has been organized in Nagpur *Yayness Feeling* 😀

Well, if I continue talking about this, I will never stop  But I need to do some projects too. *Very Important* Really!! *sigh*

So, cutting short. This was the experience of the Microsoft DreamSpark Yatra 2011, Nagpur.
Keep checking for further updates and yes, after a long time I have written this post! Again Awesomeness feeling, Thanks to *someone*

You can check the pics of the Event as follows:

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Microsoft DreamSpark Yatra 2011 Nagpur

Microsoft DreamSpark Yatra – Nagpur is Microsoft India initiative to empower students who are passionate about technology to get an insightful overview of the current trends in the software industry. As a part of this national campaign, we bring the brightest students and professionals of the IT world and put them right in front of you – to discuss about technology, careers in computer science, give technical presentations and some exciting demos.

It is going to be conducted in Nagpur by Nagpur User Group – A Group formed by Microsoft Student Partners. Registration is free of cost. Every Participant will get a Certificate and Professional Developer tools free of cost from Microsoft. Participants will also get a chance to witness interesting Demo of Kinect for Xbox 360.

You can Register for the Microsoft DreamSpark Yatra from .

Poster for the Event is attached below:

Enjoy 🙂