Visual Studio LightSwitch 2011 Tutorial Video

Hi guys,

I recently attended one session on Microsoft Visual Studio LightSwitch 2011 at Persistent Systems Limited and found it very interesting and helpful. You can get all the information about LightSwitch from here .

According to me, some of the important features of Microsoft Visual Studio LightSwitch 2011 which I liked are as follows:

1) Easier facility to add data source and retrieve data from MS SQL Server, MS SQL Azure, MS SharePoint and Windows Communication Foundation

2) Business friendly data types like EmailAddress and PhoneNumber are present which are very helpful

3) One can create screens for your data quickly using shortcuts present in the action bar

4) One can choose from already present common screen templates and match the screen to the appropriate data source

5) Edit screen layout using a Tree Control

6) Screens automatically create input field for the entity model they are matched to

7) Business data types enable additional validation and functionality without writing a single code

8) Export to Microsoft Excel is directly available

9) It enables non-programmers to develop professional, quality business applications

10) Customizable templates enable new and creative user experiences

11) LightSwitch features support for many devices—including touch-screen support—is built in

12) If you have already built any desktop application and in a need to convert it to web application then it is very easy to convert that desktop application with a single button click and your web application is ready to deploy.

Different shells are available for the applications in LightSwitch so that at any point of time, one can easily change the UI as quickly as possible with a single button click.

The limitation of LightSwitch which I felt is that UI is completely dependant on the shell. Different templates could not be added in the same application at one point of time.

I am finding it very much useful and try to work with it once a week. To download Microsoft Visual Studio Lightswitch, kindly use this link.

Enjoy 🙂