Hi All,

Perhaps, I would not call this as a poem but yes, these are some lines which means a lot for the people who are in love! I am writing these lines with all the experiences my friends had received.. 🙂

Request which you accepted,

Acknowledgement you gave,

Unforgettable Smile you first shown,

Love is the name, actually is very stupid,

That itself makes it more interesting,

Your face increases thy heartbeats,

They see God, I see you,

Love is defines you, Care declares you,

Sleep don’t take over unless that text from you,

Difficult situations always with your hand in hand,

Emotions flow comparison with river,

Just a single word exchanged feels like endless year with you,

That amazing standing meeting maybe just once with you,

Those stupid calls during the monsoon with you,

Fruitful evenings always brought happiness,

I feel really happy to see such a star alongside,

Danger in your eyes, never ever felt good,

Your tears felt like blasts beside my ear,

Never got a chance how exactly to portray your existence in me,

Love went so deep never thought of coming over again,

Fall of words always the case when to describe you,

Yes, you are that star that always shines in my life,

Day and Night, it sparkles happiness and beauty towards Life,

May be that virtual hug would never come back,

I kept bleeding love, may be some left behind

Loss was never felt, but just had to experience

It’s just the case, I would never get you,

This shine I got now, may not be enough to recall that love star,

Feels drenched of life,

I so miss you..

Beautiful star, God showed me,

That way me came to you,

Amazing moments, sleepless talks,

It all finished with that cry behind you!


Walking on road alone, thinking about you,

Care it was for me, which you showed,

Those misunderstandings and cursed beloved things,

It all finished with that cry behind you!


Love it was, never lowered for an eye blink,

Smiles all the way,  listening beautiful songs,

Mesmerizing Dedications, ever fast heartbeats,

It all finished with that cry behind you!


Sleepless nights, thinking about you,

Breathtaking moments when away you,

That shivering while  speaking in front of you,

It all finished with that cry behind you!


Changes happened, due to certain commitments,

Graphic appreciations, with a token at your side,

Personality changes swirled with time,

It all finished with that cry behind you!


Walking on busy road, that feeling of being alone

Seemed good life, just because of your existence,

Heaven seems so near with your smile

It all finished with that cry behind you!


When we first met, Rest of the world seemed fake,

Many questions raised, Stood still I,

Good n bad moments, shared all along with you

It all finished with that cry behind you!


That rope towards you, vanished into black hole,

Crying behind you, never felt so bad,

Remembering those moments, that will never come back,

Yes, it all finished with that cry behind you! 😐