Attended Open Solaris Workshop at VNIT,Nagpur


GYAN – “The Collective Learning”

(A Certified OpenSolaris/UNIX Workshop)

On 24’th and 25’th Oct,2009 , I  have attended a Open Solaris / UNIX workshop organised by VNIT Open Source Club which was totally certified by SUN Microsystems, India.
Information about the whole workshop from VNIT blog :
Today we live in a Digital world, full of cutting edge technological innovations and in an excellent environment of next generation scientific inventions. Today we have so many options, everywhere, anywhere. Our courage to strive for more in this world, our quest towards perfection, has changed our perspective of looking at things so radically that we have already begun to redefine our world. Starting from mobile gadget to a desktop computer, from a notebook PC to a server computer, from internet to online shopping, all of these have become so intermixed that we can’t imagine our life today without them. But very surprisingly the users of this gadgets and technologies know very little about them and not even interested in learning them inside out. May be they are afraid to learn, maybe it’s difficult for them to learn, OR MAY BE THEY DON’T KNOW WHERE TO LOOK FOR THE PROPER GUIDENCE. Whatever may be the reason, the point is as long as they don’t know how their everyday accessories work or how to make them work apart from the available options in the manual, they are not FREE.


Today, the question is not about just ‘what you can do with piece of software and hardware?’….. The question is about control “How you live your life and what you can while living your life?”. The simplest and only satisfactory answer to this question is OpenSource. OpenSource is about FREEDOM, it’s about PASSION, it’s about COLLABORATION, it’s about SHARING, it’s about PARTICIPATION. In this world of freedom everyone have the ability to contribute, to share, to be free and this is the main motivation which drives us to be part of this revolution.


Imagine a world of computers where you know how things actually work rather than just learning the limited options about how to work. Session will be divided into four major areas of discussion.


  1. Installation

  2. Administration

  3. Utilities

  4. Networking.

I got the SUN Microsystem’s Certified certificate, yippy…

Enjoy Reading..:)